End of an era for State Youth Games


It is with sadness that Churches of Christ in Queensland has decided not to run State Youth Games (SYG) Queensland in the future.

In recent years it has become obvious that this long term, much loved event has suffered a major loss of momentum. Challenges arisen include a sustained drop in overall attendees, significant recurring financial losses, a dwindling number of teams from our churches participating, emerging confusion around the strategic goals of the event and some difficult transitions in the leadership of the event.

A number of changes by the Queensland Government in relation to the positioning of public holidays have also had some adverse effects on the event.

It should be noted that a series of new Youth Ministry initiatives (including FUSE Camp, L10 Conference and Youth Leadership Teams Weekend) are coming online. We need to rationalise our events according to which are most effective and currently have momentum going forward.

In response to these challenges, we have engaged in a wide range of different meetings with volunteers, Youth Ministry team leaders, senior Churches of Christ in Queensland management and other key stakeholders in order to gather information about where SYG is currently.

It is clear that the kind of indigenous leadership from our movement required to reinvent and reenergise this event is unlikely to emerge in the way that we would need it to. Churches of Christ in Queensland noted that while this event has had an excellent history, it has run its course, and no longer serves the purposes of our wider strategic goals as efficiently as we need it to.

Churches of Christ in Queensland would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those dedicated staff and volunteers who have committed significant personal time, energy and resources to building such a great SYG legacy. As a result of your efforts, thousands of young people across the state have experienced firsthand the joy, celebration and community that the light of Christ can bring to our lives.

For more information contact Churches of Christ in Queensland ‘s Senior Youth Pastor on 07 3327 1600 or communications@cofcqld.com.au.